About "FlyerBites"

"FlyerBites" is created & curated by  Rasharie Brown (a unique creative director, photographer, Marketing Director & content creator) from New Orleans, La. 

FB is designed to showcase food diaries, traveling content, events, musical entertainment + featured guests and write-ups with people in different industries ~ doing cool things in their craft. In addition, FlyerBites will be hosting creative / unique dinner experiences in New Orleans and beyond with artistic approaches having one-of-a-kind dinner(s) with talented chefs for you to meet new people and network with. 



meaning behind the name: used the word "FLY" which equates to anything that's dope / attractive & "BITES" to represent food. Changed to "FLYER" which is in reference to traveling [cc: frequent flyer miles]. It's all of those descriptions wrapped into one.

Footage shot by: RASHARIE | Edited by: JUSTIN JONES

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