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Meet one of the best Make-Up Artist & Beauty Experts currently based in New Orleans: her name is Amanda Lee better known as (GlambyAmanda).  I've worked her on a few photoshoots in the past and have always loved her work. Seeing growth and evolution of a business woman is always a great thing to witness! I wanted to highlight Amanda, because the beauty industry is such a booming & consistent market and wanted to put a great face alongside that industry. We spoke about her upcoming makeup seminar (happening May 26, 2019 .. more details below) and staying true to yourself in a crowded industry. Read more on Amanda's story below and be sure to visit her site for more information on beauty seminars or if you just want your beautiful face done by her. 

FlyerBites: You’re currently on your 4TH Makeup Master Class! What can everyone attending your upcoming seminar, “GLOWDOWN”, expect with this experience?

Amanda: “GLOWDOWN” is literally my little baby, I’ve been working on this particular class from the very beginning. GlowDown is a class I designed specifically for makeup artist. It’s a hands on, intimate learning experience with me." Tickets can be purchased here!

Makeup: Amanda Lee / Photo (above & below): Cosey Photo 

FB: How do you feel about your evolution as a MUA & Beauty Educator?

A: "Honestly, I’m just going with the flow taking every opportunity as it presents itself. I’m very proud of my accomplishments, but I still feel like I can always do better and that there’s better opportunities I have to work really hard for. Haha I guess that’s what keeps me on my toes always in the middle of being very humble but, working hard."

FB: As a beauty educator, it’s important when artists understand, SKIN, while still achieving the desired makeup look. Would like to have your own skincare or makeup products one day?

A: "Absolutely, I would LOVE to have my own makeup/skin line. I’m currently on the hunt to find my “signature makeup look” once I find that it’ll be easier to see what products to start with! It’ll come to me one day."


Any tips or advice to people trying to figure out how to stay authentic in a crowded industry? Whether it be beauty or any other field?


"The best advice I have is to be a good person. In all aspects, do good business, treat your customers like queens and kings, treat everyone with respect, etc. it always comes back to you, and you never know who is watching."




"MAC Lip Liner"


"RCMA Thinning Oil"


"Lilly Lashes"

FB: Any makeup artists that you either look up to or would like to work with side-by-side on a project?

A: "I love Mario Dedivanovic for his style of makeup, we have very similar taste, however I LOVE Natasha Denona, she’s a makeup artist who came out with her own makeup line AND has makeup academy - if I could assist her one day I’d DIE!"





"producing semi-annual "exhibitions and community spaces” that connect consumers to womxn makers. Seeks to empower its community members 

to view themselves as both individuals and citizens capable of growth and making a difference.


GEMINI: APRIL 27 - MAY 27, 2019

Today was the opening day of the all female exhibIt: titled, "Gemini" put on by the ladies of "Femaissance". I love the work that these women do for the art community of the city ..properly curating exhibits and creative installation designed and created by women for women and others who love and support. I've shown work previously with the FEMME ladies and was proud to see another well executed event.

to the left: Courtney Simon De Montfort   &     to the right: Grace Murphy

 If you are in New Orleans between today and May 2019 /

be sure to check-out the exhibit (by far my favorite one yetlocated at 1150 Magazine Street, NOLA. 



March 13, 2019

FlyerBites' first ever blog post brings you a talented conceptual artist by the name of, AUUDI

While on Instagram about two years, I discovered his page and immediately started following after only a few scrolls. His talent for taking something and pretty much making it 3D .. right in your face .. was a cool thing to see from a young artist here in New Orleans. His work struck me as something that could be presented at ART BASEL in Miami | colors, shapes and nostalgia is all what brings it together for the viewer to take in and think about. 

You will find photos from my interview with the artist, photographed at The Eliza Jane Hotel in New Orleans. Alongside his partner and curator, A8MER. 


Photo recap from his recent show:

"Enjoy AUUDI" at Axiom Fine Art Gallery.

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Who is AUUDI?


"AUUDI is my artist name, growing up my childhood nickname was 'Arthie'. As I got more into my artistic side, I wanted to do something that was a lil more different and catchy. I like to label myself as a visual / conceptual artist that likes to express my ideas through the idea of marketing products to consumers."

FB: "Enjoy AUUDI" curated by AM8ER is your recent art show in collaboration with "Can't Buy Respect." What is the foundation and/or inspiration of the show?

Auudi: "The foundation of the show came about May 2018. I wanted to create a show where the viewers were able to relate and time travel back into childhood. The most important concept of the show was to convey black imagery in a tasteful way where we are able to see ourselves in a better / different setting. As far as the "Can't Buy Respect" collaboration it came about when Chase N. Cashe wanted some art for his brand with my style of art. So, I came up with the idea of building 3-D letter box that appeared to come out of the wall. This project was in the works since the end of 2018, after I sketched out the blueprint I presented the idea to AM8ER to build and I added the finishing touches to it as far as the painting process."


What was your favorite piece in the show?


"My favorite piece from the show was the "Morton Salt" piece. The materials used for this piece took about 3-4 months of research to find, so being able to finally execute the project was very rewarding. To add to that, there was a true connection to the "Morton Salt" piece, everyone from New Orleans is either familiar with second-lining and/or have that one 'teedy' (auntie) who knows how to get down, LOL!"


Why is being an artist important to you?

Auudi: "Art is very important to me because it's my own private language and ideas. I feel like art (music, photography, film etc.) in general is the only thing we can rely on when it comes to  documenting history. It's your story, you control the narratives and the freedom of just being able to express your creativity as you get older. I believe it actually keeps you young."


You also have a curated art page titled "nomoredayjob_". What can people expect from it?


"That's cool you mentioned "nomoredayjob" that's a art brand I'm looking to launch that will house creators in all forms even extending to vehicle design. Also in the near future 'nomoredayjob' will be curating shows for upcoming artists.


I feel like it's important to help developing artist and get them into these spaces that are hard to get into, being that New Orleans art market is so segregated and exclusive. Its a lot of things I plan to do, once I'm in the right space in order for the world to see."


Is there anything you would want people to look out for this year that's coming up?


"I plan on focusing on more painting this year & taking my art on the road ending it at Art Basel 2019, and venturing into international exhibitions also." 

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